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Sammy Carr

Sammy Carr

Back to School & Back to GOTR

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Heading back to school can be stressful for many kids for a variety of reasons. Whether it is the change in schedule, difficulty learning new concepts, or simply because they don’t find it fun, Girls on the Run is here to help! Last season 83% of caregivers said that Girls on the Run helped their child gain skills to handle stress. 

The Girls on the Run curriculum focuses on identity where they learn about self-care, connectedness where they learn about healthy relationship building, and empowerment where they learn about and celebrate their strengths. 

The impact of GOTR


While all lessons in the curriculum pertain to key life skills, a few to note include:

  • Self-Talk Matters
  • Finding Balance
  • Exploring Emotions
  • Empathy
  • Choosing friends and being a friend


We have outlined the top three reasons why we think Girls on the Run can help transform that back to school stress into joy. GOTR programming provides kids with the tools they need to handle their stress and emotions. 


1Practices are fun

Plain and simple, Girls on the Run (GOTR) and Heart & Sole (H&S) practices are FUN! Adding this activity to your student’s schedule will give them something to look forward to.

Practices are split into sections where participants have the opportunity to learn and practice new skills while being physically active. 

Physical activity has been proven to release endorphins, which make us happy!

reason 1

2Opportunities to make new friends

By participating on a GOTR or H&S team, your participant will have the opportunity to meet individuals they may not normally get the chance to meet. Students in different grades, classes, and sometimes even schools are able to come together and form a team. 

reason 2

3Leads to meaningful conversations 

Caregivers of GOTR and H&S participants are provided a Grown-Up Guide, which is designed to deepen your awareness and knowledge of what the participants are experiencing in the program.

The guide contains:

  • General overview of the lessons
  • Questions and conversation starters that encourage meaningful discussions

This is a great wayto ensure your participant is understanding the concepts and provides an opportunity for you to share your beliefs and thoughts on the topic. 

reason 3

Come join us this fall season and experience the power of Girls on the Run for yourself! Registration will remain open through September 15th. Register today!

  1. Awareness

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